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What Are Colored Wigs?

Colored wigs are the one of the most popular options today. You can see them all over Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. They hold a global as well as a local appeal.

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Need a quick weave with closure? Here's how!

  If you need baby steps on how to make a quick weave with closure, well look no further. The following video will walk you through making that quick weave and still look flawless.       I already have my hair braided as you can see. I sprayed it down super flat got It in the middle because I want to do a middle part. I just have my braids loose here.  You can put this in like a ponytail or you can sew on. You can do whatever you want but I'm not going to do that. I'm just Going to leave it on. Guys I'm going to take a shower bag and you want to make sure...

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