A Complete List of All Brazilian Hair Types


There are so many different types of Brazilian Hair.

Picture of all brazilian hair types

There is a lot to unpack here as there are virtually so many terms.

Here is a list of all the different ways you can purchase Brazilian hair in: straight, curly, deep wave, natural wave, mink, water wave, loose wave, kinky, kinky curly, pre-colored weaves, ombre colors, lace wigs, middle part closures, free part closures, three part closures, frontals, and then you have all the different grades: 100% human hair, Virgin Hair, Single donor, remy, 7A, 8A, 10A, and 12A.

Whew! That was a lot right?!

Well we are here to give you a complete list of all Brazilian hair types. So sit back relax and enjoy.

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 Brazilian Curly Hair

 Brazilian curly hair

Brazilian Curly hair is considered one of the sexiest of them all.

 It has luscious short uneven curls that give you a “I woke up like this” look.

This curly hair can complement many different skin tones because of its versatility.

It has a slight wet look and gives you a fuller look.

It is especially complementing if you have a small face/head because it can give you that coveted supermodel look.


Brazilian Straight Hair

 Brazilian straight hair


Brazilian Straight Hair is the best known of them all, and hence the most popular. Whenever you think of Brazilian hair, straight hair is the first thing that pops in to most people’s heads.

If you are going to try Brazilian hair weaves for the first time, then this is the one. It provides such an expansive amount of styles that you can implement. It can be bleached and dyed as needed.

Brazilian Straight hair is used a lot for weddings and vacations.

Many celebrities like cardi b and nicki minaj purchase very expensive Brazilian straight hair to perform in their sold out concerts.

You will notice a lot of celebrities and Instagram famous individuals wear this type of hair.

It is also very popular with stylists for it’s ease of sewing in and it’s popularity.

The straight hair is not necessarily bone straight, it does have light waves natural to real hair.

For that bone straight look, straighten further with flat irons. This hair is meant to resist heat and it is a wonderful addition to any collection if you already own other types.


 brazilian body wave hair

Brazilian body wave has been rising in popularity these last few years. It is very close to passing Brazilian straight hair!

Why? Well look at it! It is long, thick, full bodied and blends amazingly with your own hair.

The bleached knots provide such a seamless look that no one will know that you did not grow this hair yourself!

 Brazilian body wave looks best when it is unprocessed virgin hair. If you purchase synthetic hair then the body waves do not get a chance to fully form.

It is similar to having really dry hair and you will see the shabbiness of it if you use synthetic.

Body wave has a deep “S” curl that will look beautiful in any setting and will hold it’s curl.

 Brazilian Deep Curly Hair

 brazilian deep curly hair

Brazilian Deep Curly is the big sister of Brazilian Curly. It provides more waves so increases it’s density and yet still soft and durable.


This is a very cool variation to the curly look.


Brazilian Lace Wigs

 brazilian lace wigs

Want to have something you can wear whenever you need it? Then a Brazilian hair wig is the solution.

The wigs look great and feel great. They are no longer the wigs of the past that looked like a bad hairdo. These Brazilian wigs are the real deal.

You will notice the difference immediately. They are easy to store and take care of. They will provide you with an ease go to for any event.

There are many types of wigs to choose from, such as, the classic wig, lace front wigs and 360 full lace wigs.


 Brazilian Loose Wave

 brazilian loose wave hair

Brazilian body wave’s cousin, Brazilian loose wave. This hair has a “less tight” pattern. In other words the waves are a bit more separated. Think like an ocean. Short waves is Brazilian body wave, long surfing waves are loose waves.


Brazilian Deep Wave

 brazilian deep wave hair

Brazilian Deep Wave Hair is very similar to Deep Curly. The main difference stems from the fullness of the hair. A deep wave will lay flatter on your back and your neck while a deep curly will have more bounce. 


Brazilian Mink Hair

 Brazilian mink hair

Brazilian Mink Hair is made from the highest quality hair. It is the crème de la crème. Better quality than Virgin Hair. It is NOT MADE FROM ANIMALS.

This is a common fallacy. It is simply called mink hair because Minks have very soft fur; hence the name was used to denote the great quality of the hair.

Brazilian Mink Hair is one of the most expensive options in the market. Yet it’s price is supported by the great value that it provides to its owners.

Brazilian Mink Hair lasts much longer than regular weaves. It can last up to 3 years with proper care. Furthermore, it has a higher sheen and thickness to it.



Brazilian Kinky Hair

brazilian kinky hair


Brazilian Kinky hair is very cool and interesting. It is a throwback to the ‘70s.

It gives you a natural hair look using weave! It is a weave that is meant to look like a look that does not use weave. I know, Deep.

This hairstyle originated in South Africa and has taken over the worlds as more and more women are implementing this style.


Brazilian Pre-Colored Weaves

brazilian pre colored weaves


Want to just get your hair already dyed? Have a secret masquerade party? Or tired of the same old look? Well Brazilian pre-dyed hair to the rescue.

Even though Brazilian hair can be dyed; you can definitely skip the process of dyeing them yourself and buy them already dyed.


Brazilian Ombre Colors

 brazilian ombre weaves


Brazilian Ombre Colors are a mixture of pre-dyed hair and a portion of the hair is natural.

This has become a very popular style as many women have seen the beauty of this style. It is a very luxurious and high class look.

The great thing about it is that you can change your look and not have to dye or bleach a part of your hair.


Brazilian Closures and Frontals


 brazilian closures and frontals

Brazilian closures are the last piece of the pie. Frontals are a great way to mimic your natural hairline. Frontals and closures are able to cover you from the back and move up your scalp while covering all your hair line from ear to ear.

This gives women a more seamless look when it comes to installing the weaves.

Frontals and closures can help you make a gorgeous and reliable wig.

There are generally two types of closures, silk based and lace based.

They are very similar. Yet, lace closures are usually preferred because they look more natural as they lay down better against your scalp and obviously blends in better.

Lastly, when using frontals you will need fewer bundles. Make sure the wefts match your frontal for a seamless look.


Brazilian Hair Grades

 We created a more in depth look at the different types of Brazilian hair grades in this post. You will learn more about 7A, 8A etc…



Now that wraps up our look at the different Brazilian hair available in the market. We hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it.

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