Are Hair Extensions from Beauty Supply Stores Worth The Money?

One hair store to rule them all

When seeking hair extensions, many women will naturally go to the closest available beauty supple store.

 Beauty supply retailers have been a staple of our black neighborhoods, producing hair treatment products aimed at black females with much more accessibility. You can pretty much purchase everything you need in that one store.

Many of these stores provide a series of hair bundles and extensions, each human and synthetic.

Unless you're buying hair for your Pinterest inspired protective braids, I highly suggest and recommend to stay away from beauty corner store extensions.

You might be tempted by the incredible low prices; however this deal comes with its own trade off of low quality. Hair supply retailers do not usually provide what they promote.

Various types of Beauty Store Hair

However, there are actually various types of beauty stores with varying degrees of supply. Purchasing this type of hair is not all bad based on the hair type you purchase. Nevertheless, it's crucial to recognize the limitations of what they truly are aiming for when it comes to quality.

 Brazilian Hair Extensions

Additionally, you will be able to differentiate between the many types and have a discerning eye for them. The various kinds we will be speaking about are actually 100% virgin human hair and most of its subtypes, like synthetic hair and Remy.


Going to my local beauty supply store I would purchase the main hair extensions available in the store. Although it is not, I'd always believed in human hair that was in actuality true 100% Virgin human hair.

A lot of the names of the products are actually false advertising. As long as you now know that it is not real human hair then you can buy it if this is what you want. Yet if you thought it was real human hair, then this is just a trick.


Read the product labels and decide for yourself if the hair is real or just a blend of synthetic hair with a bit of human hair. It’s the same thing as reading food labels that say no sugar but add a bunch of other chemicals you can’t even pronounce. So buyers beware.


Buying cheap hair extensions is not the same thing as buying affordable hair extensions. The keyword there is cheap vs affordable. Cheap connotes bad quality hair while affordable implies great quality at a price most people can pay for them.

You can find loads of budget friendly choices available for you. For instance, right here at, we prioritize quality and affordability therefore you will certainly not need to compromise. And why should you have to compromise when you spend so much time and effort into your hair. You certainly do not want to skimp on your hair when other people are looking at it.


Human Hair Bundles 

The majority of hair extensions that come in a package actually combine human hair with an artificial fiber. Creating this new chemically altered hair with artificial fiber lowers the manufacturing costs enabling the business to promote the locks for a reduced price and value. Although after a couple of days, the hair extensions will be unattractive, stiff, and matted, this particular mix of synthetic hair and human hair creates the illusion of a  smooth hair extension. Nobody would like to hike around with rigid hair which has no movement or perhaps body!

 Hair Extensions

Then and now you might discover a package of human hair bundles and extensions which are a 100% virgin human hair, though the human hair style is Non-Remy. Hair that is Non-Remy  is actually mishandled hair which wasn't cut from a human’s hair properly, and the cuticles are not aligned in the same direction. Technically speaking they are all over the place. The Non-Remy hair is actually coated with short-term silicone coating and gives the illusion of a silky and soft finish.


Watch what happens to this covering after the very first wash and  notice the  severe, shedding, tangling and matting will apparent to anyone, especially to you.


100% Virgin Hair Bundles

The real test of 100% Virgin Hair Bundles is hair not chemically altered in any state or modified by  dye, bleach, perm, or perhaps strong acid washes.


Yet when we look at Virgin Hair it could be colored, bleached and styled at high temperatures. When it comes to Virgin hair don’t be tricked; pay close attention and you will notice these hairs are not actually the same. Virgin hair has various grades, ranging from the lowest quality 4A to higher quality like 10A

4A and 5A Grade

You'll generally see this grade type in beauty supply stores in the packs that many women regularly buy. These are the types you notice when people comment and say that person “as a bad weave”. This hair is going to tangle as well as shed too much! The instructions of the package will actually tell you never to brush, clean, sleep with, or use high temperatures when designing and styling your hair. Hence I don’t even know what’s the point if you can’t even use it!!!


6A Grade

An even better quality of hair bundles, however, it is not the very best. This quality of hair is most effective when wearing a straight hairstyle due to the tendency of it’s to tangle when trying other styles that demand curling your hair. Hence generally this grade works best when styled with a bob or short hair, and you are able to maintain the hair usually 1 to 4 months with good care.

7A and 8A

Although they're well worth it, 7A and 8A grade levels of hair could be much more expensive.

7A as well as 8A grade levels makes for exquisite smooth long hair with little tangling and shedding. In case you're searching for a bit more variety in style like deep curls, you will wish to use 7A or maybe 8A grade locks to guarantee complete, no tangling hair. Also important to note this hair can be a  wonderful option if you want to dye your hair. Dyeing cheap hair l is going to cause breakage, and eventual shedding, and fading colors.

This hair style is actually very easy to take care for, simply shampoo and condition with sulfate free products and remember to use nourishing vitamins for more healthy hair


Remy refers to locks with cuticles unchanged and moving in the exact same path.

 This hair style is sleek and also tangles a lot less than its counterpart: Non-Remy hair. Hence Non-Remy is silky and smooth usually until the very first time you wash it; then what happens is that it gets matted and eventually tangled. Once it becomes too matted, then is time to throw it away.

Remy hair has excellent quality and is the best type of extensions, it is very different to synthetic mix of hair. Lots of beauty supply chain stores  are going to provide a "remy" label on the hair packages to help you believe this hair is actually great quality when it really is not.


Synthetic Hair Bundles

You may notice Synthetic hair can be sold as braiding hair or as wigs. It can also be sold with bundles and synthetic frontals or closures. Avoid this trap!


You are going to notice these hairs sell for a really low price tag and it's for a good reason! You are going to be fortunate to get 2 weeks of use from this particular hair type. Synthetic hair in reality is actually 100% plastic which is not 100% Virgin Human Hair.

Synthetic hair is going to become eventually, tangled, and stiff matted after wearing it for a couple of days. Synthetic hair can't be styled at a high temperature, as it is going to melt with a temperature that is too hot. Sewing artificial hair is a formula for disaster. Your sweat from body temperature and everyday use may cause the locks to degrade faster than normal. Synthetic frontals also tend to have a really stiff and heavy hairline that doesn’t look good at all.


Bleaching the knots will not be possible on an artificial frontal; it would work much better on real human hair bundles and frontals.

The Upkeep will be Awful!

I would constantly have to endlessly brush my hair since it was knotting up all the time.  After approximately five weeks, I'd need to put my hair regularly on a ponytail since it was tangled and so matted.


I was in college on a very tight budget and using this type of hair was the worst experience ever. I would have to come up with different hair styles to hide the crumbliness of the synthetic braid hair.  I am certain we are all conscious of a weave technique of cutting hair and making a bob after a sew in that is lasting longer.


When keeping this type of hair, you will have to have a lot of products like conditioners, and hair gels.

The rationale behind this is since the hair is not developed to last a long time. You will need to stay away from matted, knotted hair and the products can help you. Be sure you are stocked on your brushes and combs as you will need those too.


Before buying consider all these things.  In addition to beauty supply store hair not worth the expense, it is awful upkeep work.


Beauty Supply Hair is actually expensive

This is enough information to stay away from beauty supply retailers, then wasted money may be sufficient to have you to stay away from it.


Purchasing affordable locks from the beauty store retailer is much more costly than you imagine. Even though you spend less money at the beginning by purchasing fresh hair every week, also you will throw away time in the early morning attempting to create the hair appear presentable.


Beauty supply stores are just not worth the expense, and you are going to regret actually considering it!


You have all the tools necessary to make a conscious purchase. Unless you're going to use the hair in one day or perhaps two, don't purchase beauty supply shop extensions! Beauty supply  hair will not do you a bit of good.


The label “high quality” they put on the label is a red herring, please realize that it won't last long! Do not be tricked by the packaging created by the beauty hair supply salesmen.


Consider This

I am certain that lots of us have negative situations with supply hair chains. Nevertheless, with this extensive guidebook of all of the beauty supply tricks, it makes choosing simpler. It does not seem a necessity to purchase from the beauty  store when many other choices are actually better for you. I recall the time I got the first human hair bundles, it was a game changer.


It was amazing since I recognized that hair from beauty stores was not the best hair. I discovered that I might look great while sparing my pocket. Great quality hair does not have to kill your budget. Chain supply store is good for beginners trying out different hair styles. Then is time to move up to the big leagues.

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