Differences In Hair Bundles Such As 7A

Almost every day some new grades of hair bundles are coming up in the market and confusing you. You are not sure what to buy or whom to trust. Here is the truth, these grades are just a mark of the volume of human hair the bundles have.

You won’t find any grade for the 100% virgin hair because they don’t mix anything. They consist of human hair only. If you are thinking of getting Brazilian hair bundles, then make sure that you buy it from a proper place. If your hair is a bit thick and coarse, then the Brazilian hair will be best suited for you.

Types of hair extension

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There are several types of hair extensions available in the market. Some might look really good, but there are chances that it might dig a big hole in your pocket. There are some, that look good and are affordable too.

The Brazilian hair bundles are quite popular because of its texture. Initially, the Indian hair was more popular, but the Brazilian hair soon made its way to the top of the list.

Apart from these weaves, there is Remy hair and synthetic hair too. The new entry on the list is the different types of grades of hair. Since the grades exist, so let’s see which grade stands for what.

The differences between the grades


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Grade 5a

This grade of hair bundles is the cheapest and it mainly concentrates on grabbing the attention of the low-class market.

The lifespan of this particular grade is anywhere between four to six months. Though it says that you can color them as per your preference, but it is advisable that you do that only if you are expert in hair coloring.

Grade 6a

This grade of hair will last a bit longer than 5a. If you take proper care, then you can use it for eight to ten months. The target customer for this particular grade is the middle-class market.

It is affordable and it looks good too. So, if you are a novice and want to try something new for the first time that is within your budget, then you can definitely go for grade 6a.

Grade 7a

This particular grade of Remy hair is a bit expensive and is said to be thicker in comparison to 6a. The thickness is mainly because the amount of short hair mixed with it is much less compared to that of the other grades.

The best part of this grade is that if you handle it well, then it will last for more than a year. You can also dye it to platinum blonde color if you wish.

Grade 8a

This high-quality hair lasts up to 2 years with proper care. The bundle of hair is prepared from the hair of one donor, so the quality of the hair is all the same. It doesn’t tangle much and you will find it easier to maintain.

Nowadays, even 9a and 10a bundles are available in the market. These grades allow you to style your hair any which way you want.

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