How Many Hair Bundles Do You Need?

How Many Bundles Do You Need

While going for any kind of sew-in, the most common question that comes to one’s mind is how many hair bundles they need. It is a general practice among hair salons that 3 bundles will be enough to do the job. Yet the answer can vary, depending on your requirement. The longer the length the shorter the weft is a great guideline to always remember. 

The beauty of a woman is enhanced by the length and quality of her hair not just how many bundles you have in your hair. So regardless of how many bundles you put in your hair, if they are not of the best quality then it doesn't matter how many bundles you will need. I know I repeated that point, yet it is worth mentioning, trust me, you do not want a full set of bad hair, you want a full set of gorgeous flowing hair bundles. Our hair here at Hairbundlez is 100% Virgin hair; therefore, it would blend with your natural hair automatically and give you that beautiful look you are looking for. 


  • Choose your style and length

The number of hair bundles you need depends on whether you are going for a leave out, closure sew-in, or for that matter a lace frontal. Even the length of the hair plays an important role in selecting the right kind of Brazilian hair bundles.

If you are looking for hair length between 12 inches and 18 inches, then three hair bundles will be enough and anything beyond that length will require four bundles. When the length increases the thickness of the bundles’ decreases, hence to get the fuller look you will have to get more hair.

  • Texture also counts

Now decide on whether you are looking for silky straight hair bob look or something else. If the hairstyle you are looking for is short in length, then two bundles will suffice. In case you are looking for extra thick hair, then you can always increase the number to three bundles.

  • The Brazilian hair bundles

So, why everybody is so gung-ho about the Brazilian hair bundles? It is mainly because the bundles become a part of you and don’t require much maintenance. You can easily color them and bend them into your own style statement.

The weaves that you get are designed in such a manner that it would actually help you in avoiding the heat damage caused to your own hair. It doesn’t include a single strand of synthetic fibers.

  • All weigh the same

If you are wondering why the length of the hair affects the thickness, then here is a simple explanation for you. All the weaves weigh the same and that is 3.05oz. Therefore, if you are going for shorter bundles of Brazilian Hair, then the thickness will be there throughout whereas the longer bundles will fizzle out at the bottom.

The weaves are designed keeping in mind what the women want, so they are 100% virgin hair that is soft, vibrant, strong, and smooth in texture. If you were toiling with the idea of getting bundles for a long time now to enhance the look of your hair, then this information will help you in selecting the best option for you.

If you are trying to add some volume or length of about 8 inches to 16 inches to your own natural hair, then one bundle will be enough. It all depends on the volume and length that you are looking for, so once you have decided on that, selecting the number of bundles won’t be that difficult.


Lastly here is a link to our page which contains a video and one of our Straight Hair products for your convenience as well. Enjoy :)


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