How To Do A Half Up Half Down Weave


A half up half down (halfway up, halfway down) hairstyle is beautiful.

Using weave will give you that full hair look and long hair coming in front of your shoulders down your chest. It is one of the most sought after looks of 2019! You might ask how many bundles for half up half down you will need? The Answer is 3 bundles. Three bundles will give you that full look and extra hair you will need in the back to give you that glorious "Lion's Mane"

Half up half down weaves are perfect for a couple of days, for a quick vacation getaway, prom, a baby shower or a wedding.

Really anything you can think of!!!  

It is a style that is not meant to last for a long time. Just a few days at most. 

To achieve this look is very easy and all you need is a few bundles of hair, a blow-dryer, glue, scissors and a wig cap.  

Quick tutorial:

Half Down

  1. Blow out hair using the cool air blast from the blow-dryer
  2. Put the top part of your hair in a bun
  3. Braid the back of your hair, in a straight back style
  4. Use a wig cap. Some people prefer to sew down the cap using two wig caps and cut the top or others just use one wig cap and outline where they will cut later on. It doesn’t matter much as it will look the same in the end.
  5. Make sure to mold your hair for protection of your natural hair. You can use black end papers on the ends or wrap it strips.
  6. Outline the wig cap around the middle, between where you have your hair up and the beginning of the braids.
  7. Measure where you want the first weft to be in the back of your head.
  8. Glue the wefts
  9. Now keep moving up your head placing each glued weft on top of the last one. Laying them upward will help cover the edges of your ear.
  10. Blow dry as needed throughout the whole process until you get to the top, Right before the outline you made previously.
  11. Cut the front of the wig cap with a scissor if you haven’t already done so.
  12. Straighten the hair you left out (the leave out). Now you are halfway to that perfect half up half down weave look. 




Half up

  1. For the top portion, you may lay the bundle in a spiral pattern. Some people cut their bundles to make it easier. Personally bundles can get expensive if you buy good quality hair and I prefer not to cut mine. It actually makes it easier for hair to shed once you cut it. So that’s a no no for me. Yet If you cut yours, I understand. It definitely makes it easier.
  2. Take a small part from the back piece and place it around the top portion. This will help cover the tracks as it gets tighter around the bun. Pro Tip.
  3. Remember to deep condition your hair and oil your scalp the day before you do your quick weave. Trust me, this will make your hair beautiful and will actually help it grow silkier and smoother. Do not neglect this part. This will complete the half up half down weave. 

To remove the hairstyle, get in the shower, and it will all slide off. Quick pro tip.

How long does a half up half down sew in last? Well according to a survey of several women it can last from 2 weeks to 3 months. This of course means that you have to condition the hair throughout this time and washing it when needed as well. If you have a leave out then make sure to keep your hair moisturized. 

Here are a few online tutorials as well, if this makes it easier for you to follow. 





For hairstyle ideas visit: Hairbundlez Pinterest Page



  • Rhoda

    The videos make it easier to follow

  • hanifa

    Is it better to braid my hair going back or to the side?

  • Joanna Gutierrez

    Doing a half up half down style is my favorite style by far!

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