Is 3 Bundles Enough For A Full Sew In

Is 3 Bundles Enough For A Full Sew In

Hair extensions can be complicated and there is a lot of information out there. 

When it comes down to it, it all depends on the size of your head, the length of hair you want for your hair style and the style or "look" you are going for.  

Hair weaves can get expensive and there are certain things you must know before buying them.

Certain looks require 12" to 22" inches of hair, while others like a bob only need 8" 10" 12" inches of hair. 

Take a look at some trending bob styles. Now, there are various types of hairstyles and not everyone wants the same thing.

Smiling African woman with sew in bob

To make your work easy in finding the right amount of bundles, here are some tips.

What is a full sew in?

To understand how many bundles of hair you would need, you need to understand the meaning of a full sew in.

This basically means a complete makeover of your hairstyle with hair bundles. There are a lot of different kinds of hair styling options in a full sew in because the original or the natural hairstyle is almost shadowed.

It includes frontals and closures which make it a complete hair makeover. Frontals cover your hairline and go ear to ear. Frontals are usually made from lace or silk. Usually frontals come with 2 or 3 bundles of hair, since the frontal counts as one.

Closures are basically the closing end of your extensions that complete your look. It basically hides the natural hair and converts the hairstyle into the texture of the hair bundle.

Why go for a full sew in?

There are occasions which demand a full makeover of your hair. It completely relies on the kind of hair you already have but then you would need something different when it comes to different occasions.

Since full sew in completely takes away your natural hairstyle, it becomes easier to get your desired look with this.

You can experiment and also grab your favorite hair texture with a full sew in.

Woman with full sew in hair in nyc

Now, these are definitely costlier than other extensions and also require more hair bundles. The real challenge is to choose the right amount.

How many hair bundles are enough?

Factors that affect your hair bundle requirement include

  • Head size: You would need more hair bundles if you have a wider base for your hair. This means that a denser look is required to cover up your original texture.
  • Outfit requirement: some of the outfits need you to have more bundles of hair, which is more than 22 to 24 inches.
  • Density of hair: If your natural hair is dense, then you would need to have a full sew in with more hair bundles to complement the look.

Usually, 3 bundles of hair is just about fine but it might not be enough for all hair styling options.

You can determine that by considering all the factors and your requirements.

3 bundles would be enough for extensions up to 18 inches but anything beyond that would require 4 to 5 hair bundles for the perfect full sew in.

Additional bundles are not always bad and pre determining it would save you time and money.

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