Learn The Truth About Remy Hair, Do Not Be Fooled!

Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between Remy and non Remy?

Or what is Remy hair?
Is there a benefit of purchasing one over the other?
Well have no fear you have come to the right place! Hairbundlez is here to answer those important questions.
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Remy Hair by definition: Remy Hair is 100 % virgin, natural authentic hair.
The way the hair is carefully cut in the same direction classifies it to be Remy hair.
In other words it really matters that the cuticles are intact and go the same way.
Think about it, what happens to your hair when it is going in all kinds of directions?
It becomes frizzy and brittle. Well the same thing happens to synthetic hair, since it is not Remy it looks, feels and is cheap. 
Remy Hair comes from a real sincere, genuine donor who has grown and embraced their beautiful hair for our pleasure.
Hence this hair is never processed and well maintained until it arrives safely to your door.
Non-Remy Hair by definition: Non-Remy Hair is Hair that has been processed and it was not donated from the original donor.
If can be collected from a sewer, the Morgue or even falling hair from a salon, yuck!!!
It is collected and then treated with chemicals.
Once it has been treated the supplier puts it on a weft and sells the product at a discounted price.
The benefit of purchasing 100% Remy Hair:
You get real hair! Hair that has been grown by a human for a human. The same way you take care of your hair by purchasing hydrating shampoos and conditioners, is the same way you should purchase your weave.
You get to have real hair that blends well with yours. 
You get what you pay for is a phrase that has never been more true. 
Your Hair is a representation of your character.
You only want the Best! Period! It is more healthy to purchase unprocessed hair.
The hair will look natural because it is natural hair.
And here at hairbundlez we want to make sure that you get the best.
That’s why we specialize in getting the best suppliers that offer virgin hair.
Don’t be fooled and purchase the best quality you deserve it!
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