Need a quick weave with closure? Here's how!


If you need baby steps on how to make a quick weave with closure, well look no further. The following video will walk you through making that quick weave and still look flawless.




I already have my hair braided as you can see. I sprayed it down super flat got

It in the middle because I want to do a middle part. I just have my braids loose here.  You can put this in like a ponytail or you can sew on. You can do whatever you want but I'm not going to do that. I'm just

Going to leave it on. Guys I'm going to take a shower bag and you want to make sure you get all your hair is inside the Shower bag because we're doing a quick weave. This way

It’s going to make it easy to remove quickly. Now you do not take a shower cap but a stocking cap and put that over your shower cap.

I got four bundles of 22 inches from March Queen Hair. I recently just

Awarded their hair you guys at my other video.   I still have that quick leave. It still holds up really good.  I got four bundles here and really full bundles for 22 inches so it's going to be a really nice and full installation. I also got a 22 inch closure and the closure looks a little bit more wavy than the bundles

Because I did bleach mine.  Now put your stocking cap on how you put it on doesn't matter because this little band right here you want to make sure you still have so that it's going to

Be tight to your head when you put it back on so I usually just line up this band part here where my hairline is. That my hairline is about right here so that's how I know where to line up my

Closure hairline at. I'm going to have the closure perfectly lined up just like that

The spritz helps the glue stick a lot better to the caps. So this is what it’s going to look like just

Going to have glue all the way around the perimeter.  There I just let it sit for about 30 seconds you will know when the glue is ready to stick down to your head because it'll turn like a little darker.

It’ll look black almost so now I'm just going to take this and line this up you.

so now I'm just going to take my blow-dryer and help dry a little quicker so basically here now all I'm going to do is just unravel this bundle measure into my head cut them put glue on pan and,

Start laying my tracks. I will come back to you guys in a little bit you so I got two bundles in already but I

Wanted to come back and show you guys how I was laying my trench towards the front because as you guys know I always lay at an angle near my hairline.  So that the hair that is collected

Falls towards my face so that's what I'm doing. So I already have this one like measured and cut already with glue bunny so I'm just going to take it yeah I'm putting these checks so close y'all so I

Can squeeze all these bundles in but I'm just going to take it. I'm just going to angle eight towards this way like that like towards my closure and then you want to like kind of pull it tight

Real close to other track and then we're going to lay this wine right there you

So when I like pre-cut a track and put glue on it I usually set it to the side and do another two to three tracks so it could just expedite my process because since you got to wait for the glue to

Get tacky anyway when it before you put it on your cap just a good suggestion just set them to the side

You alright guys so I pretty much have all my bundles in this is all that I have

Left for my fourth bundle and I'm just going to just put one last track all the way around this area here where my closure is that you

so basically this last track that I'm about to put on is going to slightly go on top of some of the other tracks like right here where angle do Matt like perfectly to the closure and this last

Track is going to go over some of those tracks but that's perfectly fine as long it is as long as it's super flat that's all that matters you

so now what we want to do is take off our quick leave now I'm just going to slide everything off with the shower cap just like that as you guys can see there is no glue whatsoever in my hair like

Nowhere because that's what the shower cap was for to protect your hair from the glue so basically now all you want to do is pull this shower cap you want to do want to pull this off after

Is sat on your head for at least five minutes because you want to make sure all the glue is like dry before you pull it off so then when you do that it'll look like this

just like that basically a wig now at this point and then before I cut the excess stocking cap off underneath here we're underneath the clip lace closure I'm going to take my blow dryer on high

Heat and just make sure all the drop glue on the inside is super dry you

these are like the worst scissors ever I'm in the middle of moving right now so I don't really know we're like half of the stuff that I need is at right now so I packed it Oh with these scissors it's

Not working so I think you guys get the point all you have to do is cut this stocking cap off underneath where your lace closure is if you have like one that's your same scalp color you don't

even have to cut it off if you don't want to but I'm cutting mine off I'm going to do it off camera because I didn't go find some better scissors and then I will come back to show you guys what

Everything looks like after I'm done like plucking a nice stuff and then I'll come back to show

You how I style it out and blend my closure down to the installation and then that'll be it so I'll see you in a minute you

you guys I'm so dumb and I'm so sorry I thought I was recording but all I did was take some of this mousse and put it on my closure right here and I just brushed you down like this and that

Fixed all of that poufy stuff I didn't do anything extra but just put mousse on it and brush it so now I'm just going to straighten up my middle part just a little

You this side is laying down like really really flat and the side is still just a

little tab it poofy so I'll put just a little bit of loose you want to kind of focus it more towards like the root of the closure because that's the reason why they it's sticking up in the first

Place because the roots are sticking straight up so that's all I did here I'm going to just make sure all your tracks are covered with your closure you

Perfect so now it's laying how I wanted to really flat that's how I like it I'm going to take this scarf here and I'm just going to tie this down and as you guys can see I still have not cut my lace off

so now that you have everything installed closure is setting this would

be a perfect time to clean your mess up I'm going to clean up and I have a couple more things that I need to do so I'm probably just going to let this stay tied up for the next 20 minutes and I

will be back with the final result okay so this is me like doing nothing to it no it's really good so now that I have my part flat. I'm going to take this opportunity to plug or tweeze here

Okay guys I have my part plucked to my desire so we're just going to cut this excess lace off right here.

Oh right you guys I'm all done with this and it was so easy to do let me show you

The top that's looking like everything, it is laid so flat.



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