What Are Colored Wigs?

Colored Wigs Are Everywhere

Colored wigs are the one of the most popular options today. You can see them all over Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. They hold a global as well as a local appeal.

Yellow Colored Hair


You can find them on celebrities, who spend hundreds of dollars on the best hair. And lucky for you, you can find them here at Hairbundlez.com at an affordable price while keeping the same quality. Our Colored Wigs are 100% human hair and you will notice the difference.


Do not buy cheap stiff wigs that will not last you a long time and even worse will make you look as cheap as they are. Treat yourself to one of our colorful wigs and be destined for glory J


We’ve Got Every Color Imaginable

We hold the brightest, coolest, most stylish colors in the market. Check out our new wig arrivals for some never before seen colors and new styles. Our wigs are made with a swiss lace frontal.

We even have a new line for men! We are stacking up for the summer! The density of our wigs range from as low as 130% to as high as 250%.

I will create a new blog soon to speak more about density. I’ve had a few ladies ask me questions about what is the best density. Short answer is the higher the percentage the better.

Our colors will not bleed or become dull with wear, as some other wigs will. The crazy part is that you can treat this hair as your own.

You can shampoo and condition it and have a whole collection of your very own with different colors. Go ahead and match your outfit to your hair, you know you want to!

Let’s take a peek at the various hair colors we have available for you!



1B/27 Ombre Lace Front Human Hair Wig

1B/30 Honey Blonde Lace Front Wig

Ombre Short Bob Lace Front Wig

Blue/Pink Two Tone Colored Lace Frontal Wigs

Honey Blonde Preplucked Brazilian Wig

Body Wave Ombre long deep part Front lace Wig

Long 150% Density Brazillian Body Wave Lace Front Wig

Two Tone Lace Front Wigs

Ombre Color Wig with Bleached Knots

Deep part, Lace Front Wig, Body Wave, 180% Density

Green Bob Wig

Short Lace Frontal Bob Wigs

1B/grey Short Bob Lace Wig




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