What is Brazilian Hair? Must read before purchasing

Brazilian Hair requires no introduction especially to women who are beauticians or stylist, as this is arguably the most popular and trending natural hair weave in hair extensions across the globe.

Even though it’s very popular, it's common to find many people who don’t know much about it!

This guide will provide a brief overview of all you need to know and why, it possibly, could be the best choice for you.

Just as the name implies Brazilian Hair is a natural hair weave that originates from a native Brazilian donor.

It comes in a variety of colors and types, meaning you get to showcase your creativity and style. There are literally hundreds of hairstyles that you can do. Check out this Pinterest board for more ideas on hairstyles.

Brazilian Hair comes in many different types such as wavy, straight and curls. All types are gorgeous and luxurious, which may be the reason for its vast popularity among women of all nationalities.

Brazilian Body Wave Hair

Brazilian Straight Hair Weave  and Brazilian Body Wave Hair are among the most popular.  

Benefits of Brazilian Hair

  • Silky and smooth feel and usually light and shiny in appearance.
  • It handles heat quite well.
  • With adequate and proper care your weave would last as long as a year.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Easy to style, bleach and dyed to match your natural hair.
  • With the right care, you don't have to worry about shedding or tangling due to its design.
  • Possesses a natural density meaning it is also ideal for women looking for that full look without having to use too many hair bundles.

Tips for taking care of your Brazilian hair bundle

To ensure effective prolonged use of your hair without you having to worry about mishaps such as tangling or shedding these simple steps should be taken.

Tips on Avoiding Tangling
  • Mild shampoos should be your first and only choice while avoiding lathering your hair from the bottom. It is best you lather starting from the top to bottom.
  • Apply a leave-in conditioner daily while avoiding going to sleep with already tangled or wet hair.
  • Washing and conditioning of your hair should be carried out on a routine of once every week or two weeks, with the latter being the most preferable.

Tips on Avoiding Shedding
  • Apply oil to your hair after it has undergone a wash to restore and maintain its soft and silky appearance.
  • It's highly recommended that you use only wide-toothed comb on your hair while combing. Not only should you do this gently, but it's also best to avoid combining your hair while it is still wet.
  • Avoid exposing your hair extension to excessive heat, try using a heat protectant in situations where your hair has to be exposed to high temperatures.

Brazilian Hair Bundle ensures that you are sure to be looking your best, and always be the main attraction, either walking down the streets or attending glamorous events. Read this if you want to know the 3 things you must know before buying a hair weave

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