How to Dye Brazilian Hair Bundles

How to Dye Brazilian Hair Bundles

When you are planning to dye your bundles, the most important thing to keep in mind is the type of hair bundles you have. If you have synthetic hair bundles, then there is no point in coloring them because they are not strong enough. Also, they don’t react to dye chemicals, so no point in wasting your time or money on them. However, if you have 100% virgin hair, then you won’t have to think twice before dyeing as they are strong enough to handle all kinds of styling just like our natural hair. Hence, the answer to the question:Can Brazilian virgin hair be dyed? is yes, yes it can! So read on if you want to learn how to dye Brazilian hair the right way. 

You can go ahead and experiment with colors even on your Brazilian hair. The best part is that you don’t need any special care for your Brazilian hair bundles, you can dye them just like the way you do with other bundles.

Getting started

In order to dye your Brazilian hair bundles or for that matter any other bundles, you will require the following things-

  • A wide tooth comb
  • Applicator brush
  • Hair color
  • Color mixing bowl
  • Hairdressing foil
  • Pair of gloves (you don’t want to color your hands, right?)
  • Plastic pouch
  • A towel
  • Bleach and developer

How to apply

Before you start dyeing your hair bundles, always remember to comb them gently first to remove the tangles and then wash them thoroughly. This step will ensure that your bundles are now clean and void of any other product residue. Take the towel and pat dry the extra water.

Some like to color their 100% virgin hair without bleaching whereas some like to bleach first. You can do whatever you feel like, but before that don’t forget to wear the gloves-

  • Add half of the bleach and half portion of the developer in the mixing bowl and blend them together
  • Now take the brush and start applying the evenly saturated mix
  • Comb the Brazilian hair after applying a coat of the mix and then repeat the step again
  • Once the bundle is completed coated with the mix, wrap it up with the foil and leave it for 15 minutes
  • Then, shampoo it thoroughly using lukewarm water. Ensure that complete chemical residue is washed out. (Tip: Avoid using conditioner or hydrating shampoo while cleaning the bleach, else it will close the cuticles of the hair and it won’t be able to absorb the dye properly)
  • Now it’s time to dye the color, so mix the hair color and the developer keeping in mind the instructions given on the box
  • With the help of the applicator brush, soak the bundle with dye. Start applying the mix from the top and work your way towards the bottom
  • After applying the dye with the brush, take some color in your hand and rub it on the bundle gently with your hand.
  • Then place them in a plastic pouch with some more color in it, so that the bundle gets completely drenched in color and leave it for a few minute
  • Wash the bundle in lukewarm water until the water runs clean
  • Now towel dry the weave and leave it on the towel to dry completely

You now have your weave dyed with the color of your choice.


And as always I like to make things as easy as possible for my readers, so here is a video showing you how to do it as well. So for those that prefer to follow instructions via video here it is:

 Lastly here is the transcript to show you how to dye brazilian hair bundles:

Hello Youtube I'm Portia and I'm jasmine

and we're coming to you from Beauty

Empire 21 and today we'll be doing a

hair tutorial on how to dye you hair

yes okay so here you will

need b/w Clairol's a powder bleach you

will need the Clairol pure white 40

volume developer you can use a lower

volume developer if you don't want to

lift it as high but weird we're trying

to the maximum lift so we're going to

use the 40 volume developer you need an

applicator brush you need a mixing bowl

you need some gloves in the foil you

need a towel and the shampoo and

conditioner we'll be using to rinse and

shampoo the bundle here is Moroccan

argan oil shampoo and conditioner by

organics and of course we are using

Indian natural Indian bundle hair for

this tutorial will be on the tips of

each bundle

since we're only down the tips we will

be using a rubber plant a rubber bands

in place where we want to stop the color

at so that's what we're doing now this

client don't want it too far up so we're

just going to do a little lower than the

number on a normal hum break okay you

need to put on gloves France because the

chemicals is nothing to play with so you

want to make sure your hands properly

covered after you get your gloves on

before you mix the color we're gonna

place the foil and you can use fall from

a grocery store or the dollar store are

we using a floor mount it's a little

shorter we gonna lay this time we're

gonna lay the bumper here on top of the

foil push

with this you have to use an equal

amount of powder as you use with the

peroxide you have to use the same amount

so if you use ounce of this unity goes

out of it it comes in a bag it doesn't

come on the plane so you could pour it

in there but we usually keep it in the

bank most of the time and we're gonna

we're gonna pour it in our applicator

for this is all we have it we got the

big container a lot of people use a

little package but you have to pay close

attention because the little package

doesn't come with a measuring cup so you

can't mend your equal parts with this so

you probably have to use a tea spoon or

something else or a tablespoon to

measure your developer to your bleach

take one scoop okay we're using two

scoops which meaning two ounces and

we're going to do the same amount well

the developer and the reason why we're

mixing them a little at a time and not

mixing it all at one time is because it

dioxide so it's it's gonna be no good if

you just keep it sitting in a bowl so

start off with some and then if you need

more just go back and make yeah make two

scoops of this and this will make equal

parts all right with this we're gonna

mix it up wanna mix it up really good

sorry I could um I'm a dilemmas um me

not too thick but it's gonna be just the

right amount so I can look I guess I'll

clap together

and it does get a little strong so the

sound is normal okay hey what's your on

do gonna take some and start a natural

rubber band just gonna start from the

top and work your way to the bottom and

make sure I stay on the floor so it

doesn't mess up yes hey boys you going

to make sure it gets very saturated kind

of spread it out going between the hand

started you could basically dime all

right went home room and then we're

going to turn it over and put some on

the other side make sure it gets all the

way through on the other side see then

we would have left it on one side then

this part we're going to be colored so

we're going to turn it over some on this

side make sure it's enough on there I

know you may like I don't want to put

too much you want to put enough so that

you can actually go through the hair and

take flickered in 30 minutes it should

take real quick you should see it start

turning like once you through the next

one so let's just start this bundle just

our turn

so we repeated the step one when we call

it this first bundle for the next two

bundles and it lifts it and you can kind

of see the difference in colors and you

have really be able to see after we

shampoo it out with our shampoo and

conditioner so that's what we want to do

now okay with the process of shampooing

our bundle hair and it's not the color

came out we did go and use a jasmine and


color rinse because we wanted a

different shade other than the blonde

that it turned out to be so you can go

back and put any shape that you desire

we use we use copper Brown and this is

the color


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