How To Make A Messy Bun With Weave

In this blog we will cover How to Make A Messy Bun with Weave.

 Messy Bun

You will be able to follow the instructions easily with the video and transcript below:

That’s what I thought you said now let me offer this as a rebuttal with another Hair tutorial today. I'm going to be showing you guys how I do a messy bun with weave. I'm just showing you guys what I use for this which was:

  1. rubber bands
  2. oil
  3. bobby pins
  4. a brush
  5. weave
  6. eco styler gel

Here it was just some hair I installed. First off I'm going to start by brushing out all of my hair and this was not done freshly washed hair because I didn't feel like washing my hair.


I had just tied it in but it was clean though.

 I didn't keep my sew in for long because  I don't know who else has this problem when you have like hair that just comes out of braids so much, no matter how tight you braid is, it is ridiculous. What I'm doing is I'm just putting some eco styler gel on my hair around the edges part of my hair.


Now I'm going to brush it up and I'm trying to talk through the whole tutorial because it's pretty self-explanatory.




So right here, what I'm doing is putting my hair well, prepping my hair to be put up into

A top knot.

A really high top knot, I like my messy bun going on top of my head and just adding a little bit more eco gel.

 I'll use the max whole one and I think its Argan oil. One of them is for color even though my hair isn't colored. So now I'm taking two hair ties and I'm tying it around my ponytail.

At this point you can see that I wrapped my hair up inside of there and now I'm brushing the hair out. 

Right now I'm easing my bun downwards because I like my bun to be really messy. I'm not the type to do the really like cookie cutter ballerina buzz.

I really like my buns to be super messy. Right now I'm just wrapping it and

Shaping it to what I want it to be.  


I wrap this sleeve hair around my hair and another thing I do is I double stack them and I just wrap it around. Now I'm pinning it in place. I painted in place to make sure it was stained.


So now what I'm going to do is go around while I try to shape my bun how I want it. Now go around the edges of my hair and kind of make it kind of sleeker with this Edge wax by Murray.


I think I forgot a can but anyways, but this stuff goes on white but you have to like really brush it on coming out. It's really better if you just do this before You have it in the bun.


But I like to go in afterwards because I know how to blend it in. It's better if you just do this before you put the hair ties on your hair. Right now I'm just brushing it out.


 You see how it makes it looks all smooth and stuff and slick making them edges look like you got a perm when you’re really natural, um yes!


This is all natural hair by the way no perms if you would like to know my hair texture my hair texture is a 3 B 3 C.  I may have a little 4a but barely.


Let's get into this like this stuff is so good like so good.

I'm just painting up the parts that kind of came out when I was brushing it up.

 That's what we are going to do this like really easy.


This only takes literally five or six minutes.


And this video is kind of sped up I think it only took me longer simply because I wasn't using a mirror.

I would be definitely using my camera to look at this recording.

So I did all of this without a mirror. It was kind of really actually really hard.


Now I'm going to go in the back of my head with some of that Murray's edge wax because you need some extra gel up too to make it look as firm.


Just different because I have a little curly in the back as you can see some of the fuzz that kind of got brushed up while I was doing that I'm just going to go in and I'm going to pin it.  I guess I like my bun like messy because

I feel like it just looks cute on me.  I'm a really box head and it doesn't really compliment my head. My bun’s got to be messy or I cannot wear it.


Oh right now I'm just tweaking it to make it look better.

 I'm going up in some of the Waves and guys you see how I look like a lady.  

And I didn't straighten my hair, I don't know if anybody else that has 3b 3c hair that if they just washed your hair or you leave your hair In the style for a minute. I don't know it's just kind of straightened though my hair is weird. If I just like get out the shower and air dry my hair by the time I wake up in the morning my hair is straight. especially if I put it like in a

Ponytail while its air drying, it's weird.


This is the completed look this is how I like to wear my buns. I have my buns

Different ways but this is how did my bun today. This could have been better

If I did it before my makeup but for the video I did my makeup before.


But it's looking cute.



 You guys if you like it just Put a thumbs up, comment below if you want to see any other hairstyles I do. I can do basically anything.


I have some other bun hairstyles I think I'm going to do but with my natural hair. Thank you guys for watching, like, comment and subscribe and I'll see you guys in my next video.

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