Transforming Really Short Hair With a Weave


Ever wonder whether some magic can spin your short hair into long tresses. Yes, definitely you can get long tresses within an hour. No kidding, it can actually be done with the help of extensions.

The hair weaves are blended so well with your short hair that nobody will be able to spot the difference, ever.

Some people use tape in hair extensions for giving length to your short hair, but you can also use the sew-in weaves to acquire the desired look.

The sew-in won’t hamper your natural hair as it blends well. One way to transform your hair and look is to add Brazilian hair extensions to get the volume and also the length you desire.

Transforming Really Short Hair

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Depending on how short your natural hair is and how long you want them to be, the number of hair bundles will vary. So, if you have really short hair and you just want to add volume on top, then two braid-in bundles will be enough.

If you have shoulder-length hair, but dream of getting waist-length hair, then you can add 18 inches to 30 inches to get it towards the bottom of your hair.

Here is a quick rundown of how to do it:

  • Comb your hair into section so that you are left with little hair at the bottom and pin up the rest of the hair
  • Use the first bundle to Sew in to the hair that is left unpinned at the bottom
  • Now take another bunch of Brazilian hair bundles and sew in just on top of it
  • Just keep on repeating the process until you reach the wider level in line with the eyebrows
  • Once you reach that level, you will require two sets of hair extensions overlapping each other
  • Keep doing this and you will get your desired look in no time

Things To Remember

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While going for an extension the most important thing that you should keep in mind is the thickness of the extension. You definitely want the extensions to match your natural hair.

If your natural hair is thick and short, then in order to blend properly, the 100% virgin hair extension that you choose should also bear the same thickness.

If you aren’t able to choose the right bundles, then the extensions will look obvious and would spoil the whole look.

Another important thing while transforming your shorter hair to a longer one is that if you curl it beforehand, then it would blend easily and would give a natural feel to it. If you are going for the curls, then do it beforehand.

You can also try cutting your extensions to suit the length of the hair you prefer. Therefore, you can get the bundles that match the thickness of your natural hair and if it is too long, then try trimming it short or you can also layer them as per your preference.

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