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Write for us

Thank you so much for your interest and desire to write for hairbundlez.com.

We’re excited and thrilled to have you join our team and expose your name to the world!

If we’ve caught your attention, keep on reading for more info.

Our goal and focus at hairbundlez is to be the best Brazilian hair bundles and weaves store in the world. It is a lofty goal yet with talented individuals like yourself we know we can deliver on this promise.

We are eager to embrace new, like-minded writers like yourself to join our passionate team of contributors.

We’re looking for our blog mate bff:

Do you love to write? Are you opinionated? Do you love to teach and provide information? Are you passionate, eager and ambitious?

If you answered yes yes yes to these questions, or to a combination of them, then we need you. Honestly, the world needs you.

Share your talents with us and we will make sure we share them with the world.

Submission Guidelines:

- Content: Hair and Extensions. Our audience wants to know all there is to know about applying, using, taking care of, sewing, edges, closures, weaving, hair tutorials, hairstyles, hair types, tips and everything else imaginable under hair extensions.

- Original Article: In order to get discovered and become a great blogger you need original content. Be great by providing fresh content to our audience. So please do not submit already published material that was already submitted anywhere else online.

- Formatting: What is the key take away? That’s really what it comes down to. Use headings, subheadings and numbered lists/bullets to structure your writing.

- Linking out: Use facts, resources, established websites and any other reputable site you would recommend to your own friends and family. Mom’s watching… 

- Internal Linking: If our other articles at hairbundlez make sense to your writing go ahead and link them.

- Short Paragraphs: Use short baby paragraphs, no more than 3-4 sentences per paragraph. Keep it simple :)

- Multimedia: Give a licensed image it’s karma and link to original source.

- Editorial Rights: Our aim is to give you all the freedom to write. We will simply nip and tuck for clarity and length. Then it’s all you baby. By submitting your article you acknowledge that you accept our terms of use and any form of editing that might occur on behalf of the Hairbundlez editorial team.

Benefits For You, The Contributors:

  • Increased Exposure. Our site has thousands of visitors a month. By writing for us you will leave a huge footprint and trail to your name and reputation. We are growing rapidly and this opportunity may not be here in the future.
  • We will provide a Link to your blog or social media account as well as blog bio
  • The chance to become a paid contributor to our site!

How To Submit:

If you would like to contribute to our publication, please reach out to us at support@hairbundlez.com

 Please take a look at our Blog for some ideas of our writing style. I have also included a list of our most popular blog articles below: